St. Andrews The Arms of the Royal Burgh of St.Andrews Community Council (Used by permission )

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Old Course - Swilcan Bridge

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Old Course - Swilcan Bridge

The Swilcan Burn meanders across the first and 18th fairways, and provides the only water hazard on the Old Course before emptying into the North Sea at the Southern end of the West Sands. The little stone bridge, of Roman design, was not provided for the convenience of golfers, but was part of the usual route from town to the harbour area in the Eden estuary. Golfers cross the bridge on their final sojourn up the 18th fairway, and usually stop for a most memorable photograph there.

Also visible in this scene are the Links Clubhouse, the Old Course Hotel, The Ladies Putting Club at the Himalayas, and in (the distance) the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.

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