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St. Andrews Guide - Wireless !


Coming in 2001 the majority of this site including the tour, historical information, golf guide etc will be available to millions of wireless devices such as cell phones. The site is being programmed to deliver its content to either the internet or wireless devices on demand.

Our first wireless offering will be a Guide to the 2001 Kate Kennedy Procession on April 14th.

For the visitor: You can have this guide with you wherever you go...

On the golf course you will be able to read about each hole you will play, keep score, and get recommendations for a refreshing drink or meal at the end of your round.

In town you will have information about where you are, it's history, nearby attractions, and recommendations for shopping.

You can search for the information you need, and the phone numbers you need to book a tee time or a dinner reservation.

You now have beside you, your own personal guide to the Town, University, and Golf that make St Andrews so special

Activate Cell Phone Emulator

For local business: You can reach the growing number of cell phone users mobile in, or coming to, St Andrews.

the ability to reach customers who perhaps saw you on the web before leaving home, but who are now miles from their computer.

the customer who is just a few metres away ... not on the Internet but using his/her mobile phone trying to find the services you offer;

local people perhaps on the bus/train home to St Andrews who are planning their weekend or just their evening meal;

any of the millions of people who now have a mobile phone with wireless data

a capability not offered by any other St Andrews internet provider !



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